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Fifa Coins Jacob’s Cabin

Welcome to the home of the lost re-watch

Welcome To Jacob's Cabin...Fifa Coins

Thanks for visitin Jacob's Cabin, I hope you enjoy your stay here, bathrooms are to your left and sleeping quarters are to your right. This will soon be a fully functional Website.

So as I have said before enjoy looking around cleaners come between Thursday and Saturday... I went hotel again didn't I?

May 2009

Fun and Frolics with Jacobs Cabin

Posted By The Whisperer on May 28, 2009

Hub... Check

Hub... Check

I’m nearly all ready for the re-WATCH. I’ve got my snacks ready and my little notepad to write down things that I want to include in my blogs. I’ve made some Dharma food tags and stuck them all over everything, and they are ready in my kitchen, along with my disposable plates (to reduce washing-up time in order to increase watching time).

Snacks... Check

Snacks... Check

My lost badges, series 3 poster, Sky1 Locke poster and DVDs are next to my DVD player, along with my TV Mag’s and my official lost Magazines. If I get bored waiting between episodes I have a few books I can read and The Lost Xbox 360 game.

Break Time Items... Check

Break Time Items... Check

I’ve got all of series 5 ready on my laptop and series 1 – 4 on DVD. If there is anything that anyone else can think of, that I have missed, feel free to email me. Don’t forget Jacobs Cabin is fun and free to join and you can sign up ready for the lost re-WATCH.
I can’t wait to hear from everyone that’s taking part in the re-WATCHING and I will be sure to upload my blogs as soon as possible when it has begun.
Once again this week’s episodes are, Pilot: Part 1 and Part 2, Tabula Rasa and Walkabout. So feel free to comment on the blogs once I have posted them.

Thank you, Namaste and Good Luck.

Lost reWATCH

Posted By The Whisperer on May 27, 2009

Click me for a link to the Lostpedia re-WATCH Page

Click me for a link to the Lostpedia re-WATCH Page

27th of May 4 days until the first week of the lost re-WATCH. Jacobs Cabin is on Lostpedia and is ready for 8 months of synopses just for you. At the moment I am making sure that everything is ready for the re-WATCH, looking forward and I hope that everyone else is as well.
The First of my blog posts will be as soon as possible and this first weeks episodes will be:
Pilot: Part 1
Pilot: Part 2
Tabula Rasa

This should be a fun week as Walkabout was one of my favourite episodes… before Locke turned evil, and I’m sure it’s also a lot of other people favourite. At the end of series one I’m hoping that we can all shed some light on the Hurley Bird. I have my theories on what it is and I hope to hear from everyone else’s theories as well so make sure that you stay watching until the end to hear one of my crazy yet proven to be accurate theories as we saw in this one ( I hope that everyone enjoys there re-WATCHING experience and be sure to check in on Jacob’s Cabin and everyone else’s Blog sites as soon as you can.
Be sure to check out the Lostpedia page and everyone else’s blogs at

Thank You, Namaste and Good Luck… with sticking to watching the episodes allocated:)

Let’s Do The Time Warp Again!

Posted By The Whisperer on May 17, 2009

After watching the series 5 finale I couldn’t wait and so wondered if there was anything about series 6 on the internet. I found a teaser promo at the end is a picture of an eye. It seems to me that it is Jack’s eye from either season 1 episode 1 (The Pilot) or Jack’s eye from season 5 episode 6 (316).

Episode 316 ------------- Season 6 promo

Episode 316 -------------------------------------------- Season 6 promo

As you can see the first picture in the sequence is the same as the larger picture, the first pictures are from the episode 316 and the larger picture is from the season 6 promo. This means that the start of series 6 will probably link back to the episode 316. My idea is that the survivors are in some kind of time loop, and by detonating the bomb it set the loop back into action. Because they are in a time loop they loop back to the episode 316 where they arrived on the island and have to relive the events again until time “course corrects” itself. This also explains why they did not remember crashing on the island, because they didn’t, they simply started the loop again and this loop will not be broken until what was meant to happen, happens. Maybe the bomb doesn’t detonate? Maybe the Swan station releases energy? Something along those lines. One problem with this theory is how would they crash in 2004 if they were constantly stuck in a time loop? I hear you ask. Well if we look back a few episodes, 1977 is in fact the survivors present this means that this happens chronologically after the crash of 815 for them. This means that the time loop will loop and loop and loop until it eventually goes back to how it was supposed to. This would also explain why the end sequence is white, because it is just a time flash, back to “316″, and that is why when Jack & Co appear on the island in “316″ there is a flash and they disapear from the plane because it is the flash from the finale episode this also means that Juliet is still alive
Here is a table I have created to show you my idea:

Time loop?

Time loop?

The Island’s Baby Problem Solved… by

Posted By The Whisperer on May 11, 2009

We have all seen the four-toed statue in lost and we have seen the back of the statue and from these two angles I have a theory. The statue is that of Tawaret the Egyptian Hippo goddess of fertility and the protection of pregnant women, I have a few reasons to believe that this is the statue’s identity:

Exhibit 1

Exhibit 1

The first one is that they look very similar as you can see they wear the same head dress, they have the same ears, they both show the statues to have 4 toes and they are both seen holding something. I have researched this theory and I am sure that it is indeed correct.

The goddess Tawaret is the goddess of fertility and the protection of pregnant women, this could be the reason that people cannot conceive and give birth on the island, because after the statue has fallen there is no longer any protection for the pregnant women. In the past, when Ethan was born the statue was still there and so the birth had no problems. The items that are seen in the hands of the goddess I believe are the symbols Sa (protection – Pregnancy problems?) and Ankh (eternal life – Richard?) these symbols are seen being held by the goddess and so it would only make sense that these are the items that the statue is leaning on or holding. The Ankh symbol has been seen in a previous episode of lost (LaFleur – Paul’s necklace) and so it could be a recurring theme.

Exhibit B

Exhibit B

I believe that the Statue will soon fall maybe in 1977 this could be because of Jug-head exploding when they are trying to remove it from the tunnel. This could also mean that the riddle “what lies in the shadow of the Statue” could be the entrance/ exit to the tunnels that may lead to The Temple containing The Smoke Monster as temples were often built near statues to honour them.

I will enjoy watching the finale to find out whether my theory is correct. If anyone has any other theories feel free to comment and mention them.

Cast Listing for the series finale.

Posted By The Whisperer on May 10, 2009

Ok firstly I would like to apologise to people that were expecting this post earlier, I was initially going to post this almost a week ago but had “problems” so here it is. Better late than never.

As I mentioned in the last post I am really looking forward to the series finale and so i went looking around the big ol’ world wide web and found a couple of things that may interest people. I found them while on where I typed in lost and a cast listing for the finale came up and gave a couple of little spoilers away. If you’re not the spoiler sort then look away now.

The first one I noticed was that Rose and Bernard and possibly Vincent are coming back, this I already knew but on the same page ( I noticed:

Titus Dopple Ganger?

Titus' Dopple Ganger?

There is a listing for a Young Kate played by Emily Rae Argenti, a Young Tom/Tommy played by Tanner Maguire (this is Kate’s Childhood sweetheart) so hopefully this will give us an insight into the recording of the tape that they dug up years later and the aeroplane that Kate holds so dearly. Next I noticed a listing of Young Juliet played by Rylee Fansler and a Young Rachel played by Savannah Lathem (I am assuming that this is to be Juliet’s Sister Rachel).

There is an Aunt Soo (seemingly Korean name - Linked to the Asian wedding?) played by Agnes Kwak, an Uncle Doug played by Colby French, a Mr. Springer played by George Gerdes and a Mother and a Father played by Amy Stewart and Michael Fisler. Nadia is also back played by the same Andrea Gabriel (I was first thinking that the Asian wedding could be Sayid and Nadia’s?) Amando Pucci has been re-cast as Peter Avellino. Cheap Fifa Coins

Jacobs Dopple Ganger?

Jacob's Dopple Ganger?

The Main Casting that I noticed was MAN 1 who is said to be played by Mark Pellegrino and MAN 2 who is said to be played by Titus Welliver. From these names I’m sure you are wondering what I am getting at, firstly I am going to explain the casting of MAN 2, Titus Welliver who played Silas in Deadwood and if you look at the picture of him compared to the picture of Jacob I am thinking that the mysterious Jacob is going to be played by him.

The second person MAN 1 is played by Mark Pellegrino and is a 20 something, blonde male… there has been a lot of talk of an extreme flash-forward to Aarons adulthood. This would also mean that Ji Yeon would be about the same age and so, an extreme flash-forward?

Grown-up Aaron?

Grown-up Aaron?

An Asian wedding? There has been mention from sun to Ji Yeon that she will introduce her to Aaron and they will become friends in earlier episodes. Is this not a possible theory? There is one small problem with this theory, there has yet been a definate casting for a WOMAN 1 played by an Asian woman… The second thing that i thought was that this was going to be an evern younger jacob seen at earlier points in time?Anyway no need to worry because we’ll see who these mysterious actors are on the 13th of this month and for english viewers on the 17th of this month both of these will show a recap show called Lost: A Journey in Time before the 2 hour series 5 finale. That’s all I have so far but I will keep you posted as i learn more. Any theories or comments can be made, feel free.

Locke tells Richard to tell Locke he has to die!

Posted By The Whisperer on May 7, 2009



The latest episode of LOST aired today “Follow the Leader” and it turned out to be another great episode. Although it was apparently a Richard centric episode it seemed that it was an ‘all-over-the-place’ episode. The hydrogen bomb is back, Sayid is back, Radzinsky has gone even more mental than usual closely followed by Phil, some stunning visual effects are here and Locke’s Boar hunting skills are back.

Hey you guys! I found a 250 pound rat

Hey you guys! I found a 250 pound rat

All-in-all this episode is pretty damn good, not the best of the series but still very good. A lot of epic moments happen in this episode Miles admits to Pierre Chang that he is his son and Sayid kills again… He came from the trees man! As far as I was concerned though this is an episode with Locke, Ben and Richard as a team and so it was bound to be good, 4 of the many episodes with those three in are:

The Man Behind The Curtain – is the episode where young Ben meets Richard for the first time this is also the episode where Locke hears Jacob say “help me” and we are shown The Purge.

Cabin Fever – is the episode in series 4 where Richard finds Locke at different points in his life and we see Locke’s drawing of The Smoke Monster and we are shown his obsession for knives and the island, this is also an episode with Jacob’s cabin featuring Christian Shephard.

Jughead – shows us a small conversation between Locke and Richard which just looked awesome, also the episode where Locke first meets Charles Widmore as a teenager.

Dead is Dead – sees Locke and Ben working together and turned out to be the best in the series. it also featured The Smoke Monster and was the first time we saw the inside of the Temple.

Those were just a few I thought would explain my point more clearly. Feel free to comment if there are anymore that you can think of.

Poor, Poor Daniel:(

Poor, Poor Daniel:(Cheap Fifa Coins

I was not disappointed at all with this episode and considering it featured Locke, Ben and Richard as the main characters I am not surprised, especially when a section of “Because You Left” is shown from a completely different perspective as Locke tells Richard to tell Locke to bring back the Oceanic 6 and to do so he will have to die (hence the post name). Another highlight of the episode is when Jack gets smashed in the face by the butt of a rifle carried by a horse-bound Widmore…:) (I never really was a Jack fan). Finally another lost “wink” is sent to all it’s fans and viewers in the form of a repetition by Eloise when she says to Jack “all right, let’s get started” bringing our mind back to the episode “This Place is Death” where we lost Charlotte. There are a lot of highlights in this episode those are just a few of them.

Although this episode, I thought was very good I have a sneaking suspicion that next week’s 2 hour finale will be the peak of the series or on the same par as “Dead is Dead”.

Comments would be much appreciated.

Happy Birthday Lost!

Posted By The Whisperer on May 3, 2009

Confused Daniel is... What was i saying?

Confused Daniel is... What was i saying?

Lost finally hits it’s 100th episode and brings back our favourite physics professor, Daniel Faraday. The episode is a Daniel centric episode and so the creators have tried to develop and help us to understand Daniel’s memory issues and his reasons for visiting the island. This episode also deals with certain family issues that we were unaware of before “The Variable”. Meanwhile flashbacks explore Daniels struggles in his relationship with his mother Eloise Hawking.

Nice hair doo Dan

Nice hair doo Dan

The episode visits Daniel’s childhood years, his graduation years and his difficult older years after he tests his experiments on himself. The episode ends with one of the most shocking and unexpected moments of the entire series so far.

The episode airs in England on sky one at 9pm followed by a new episode of Fringe

Xtival ‘09

Posted By The Whisperer on May 2, 2009

Fifa Coins>

WHOOO!! 3 days of free online Xbox gaming mania! The Xbox festival (Xtival) is finally here, after the past few months wishing that may the 1st would find it’s way around faster it’s finally here. For anyone that doesn’t own an Xbox or has no idea what I’m talking about the xtival is an online festival that features lots of freebies, music videos and gaming bonanza-loozas. After entering “the Welcome Gates” as it’s so precisely named, we start the fun with stages from the famous karaoke game Lips to the Hard-rockin’ KERRANG stage featuring videos from Fightstar, You Me At Six and Funeral For A Friend. There’s the the Party Arena, which at the moment has a chance to win a Dark Knight styled xbox and three music videos from rock god Freddy Mercury with Queen (We Will Rock You, Let Me Entertain You and Play The Game).

Batman! nur-nur-nur-nur-nur-nur-nur-nur BATMAN!

My bat senses are tingling!... Wait, thats not right

Finally is the LIVE Favourites section this gives gamers the opportunity to play their favourite games with their friends for the entire 72 hour period that Xbox Live is free, there is also a chance to win a unique “xtival” Xbox 360.
So if anyone wants 2 Limited Edition Xboxs, 72 hours of free online play, dozens of free online music videos, oh and a free Xbox Live premium theme then grab your 360 controller and don’t turn it off ‘til you’re back at work on Tuesday.

Oh! If you buy the latest issue of Kerrang Magazine then you will get a free code for a Kerrang stage premium theme.