When Pigs Fly Slot Machine Review

Slots are meant to be fun and easy to play, something that you can mindlessly plug away at having fun and earning money here and there. When Pigs Fly is a perfect example of this. This medium variance casino game offers a wide range of 3,125 pay lines, you read that right, and takes place on a cross shaped grid. The game was released in 2016 and features things like a wild symbol, free spins, re-spins, and auto play mode which can help you to keep playing without having to push the button every time.

The layout of the game is a five by 3 grid that is far from your normal grid. The cross shaped pattern is interesting however and does add to the overall game play. There is one row on reel one, three rows on reels two and reel four, five rows on the central reel of the game, and one row on the fifth reel. The layout does change as you play and you may even end up playing with a five by five grid by the time you finish playing.

The overall shape of your reels is going to change when you trigger re-spins during game play and you can get as many as five re-spins during play which will open up two new symbols each time increasing your overall chances of winning. The game takes place on what appears to be an air base and the graphics are beyond great.

With adorable pigs, airplanes, and more, the graphics are interesting and fun but do not distract from game play in any way. You can use the auto play feature which is nice if you are playing for coins more than you are playing for the overall experience of the game. Game play is easy, fun, and fast paced and sure to keep your attention from start to finish. Overall this is a fun little game that is not going to take up too much attention and is therefore great for those that are playing slots to kill time.

You can win up to over 900 times your initial stake when you figure in your free spins which makes it a great game for those that want to win, and want to win fast, as well. For those that enjoy online casinos and online slot machines, Superlenny Casino is a great option as is Hello Casino, both offer a wide range of games so that you can choose what you really want to play instead of settling for one game or other.

Online casinos are a great way to get the excitement of a casino without having to travel to find one or without having to struggle to find a legal place where you can play. Online casinos in general have come a long way and are now offering more games in more games than ever which is great for players of all types.

When Pigs Fly is a prime example of how online slots are changing for the better offering more fun and more ways to win than ever before. If you are looking for an interesting new slots game, When Pigs Fly is certainly a great option that is going to afford you hours of fun.

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